This guide briefly explains the main checks that you should make when proofing a printed product. It is important to check all elements of the proof as we cannot be held responsible for errors that are present in an approved proof, for example spelling mistakes.

Checking Proofs

Before we can print any job it must first be approved or "proofed" by the customer. This stage is very important to ensure that the product is printed as you expect. We’ve suggested the key areas to check in the list below and we always recommend to (if you can) get a friend to give it a once over. It’s surprising how effective a fresh set of eyes can be at spotting mistakes.

Key Areas to check:

  • Spelling (and grammar).
  • Details (phone numbers, email addresses, dates and times).
  • Size (A6 is a lot smaller than A4).
  • Pictures and logos (are they sharp enough?)


Very often a designer will retype information supplied when creating a proof. For this reason all elements on the card must be checked for spelling and grammar (your and you’re), this also includes phone numbers, email addresses and dates.


Does the proof have all of the information that you require? For example; with a business card, does this have all of the information required e.g. email, direct line and fax number? With a letterhead does it need the company number, VAT 

number and registered address?


Is everything on the card going to print the size that you expect? A common mistake is to view a business card on the screen at 200% zoom; hence text is displayed much larger than the final product. It is worth viewing the proof at the final printed size to check that the text is all legible and easily readable.

Pictures and Logos

If you have supplied us with your own picture or logo it is worth checking that it will print clearly. As a typical monitor/screen displays at 72 dpi (dots per inch) and commercial print is produced at 300 dpi you will have to zoom in to 400% to check logos and pictures. If at this level the logo appears distorted you might want to consider supplying a higher resolution logo.

If you are happy with your proof please approve online or send us an email to confirm that you approve the proof. We are unable to book in a job to print until we have this confirmation from you.